Portfolio of Jesse Heinzen

The Story of Split Rock Lighthouse
Introductory Film
Split Rock Lighthouse, Two Harbors - 2014

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Split Rock Lighthouse is one of the Minnesota Historical Society’s premiere historic sites. Now a major tourist attraction, it once played a crucial role in guiding ships through the often tumultuous waters of Lake Superior. This 13-minute introductory film draws on the drama of storms and shipwrecks on Lake Superior — in particular, the great storm of 1905, which was the impetus to build the lighthouse. Using first-person accounts from newspapers, storm survivors, lighthouse builders and keepers, the film touches on the industry that shaped the region, the construction of the lighthouse and the tourism that eventually became the role of the site.

The film features a wide variety of dramatic cinematography and visual effects, including aerial, underwater, storm and time-lapse footage as well as a computer generated sequence depicting the 1905 storm. The story is also enhanced with surround sound audio.
The Story of Split Rock Lighthouse plays continuously in the site’s revamped visitor center theater on an 18 foot screen.

Multimedia Director: Creative and Technical Direction, Producer, Director, Videographer, Media and System Design
(On staff with the Minnesota Historical Society)
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