You Are Here

Cincinnati Museum Center, Cincinnati – 2020

You Are Here shares stories of Cincinnati’s history – its people, places, traditions and struggles – that spark curiosity about how life in the city was, is and can be. The gallery is centered around three themes: Living Here, Working Here and Playing Here. The exhibit features several multimedia installations.

Street Murals are a big deal in Cincinnati. In the Mural Studio, visitors can take their photo, design a mural, and then send it to a large rotating projection on the wall. Kinect camera technology crops the background from the visitor photos without a green screen.

Cincinnati Counts asks visitors a series of playful questions. Visitors can take their photo or select an avatar, answer the questions and then see their image along with those of other visitors projected nearby. The projection rotates through the questions and the visitor images cling to their chosen response.

Quizinnati is a four-player multiple-choice quiz game that tests visitors’ knowledge of Cincinnati trivia. There are five games with six questions each, narrated with spirited energy and enhanced with imagery and film footage.

The news desk invites visitors to play TV anchor. Visitors sit at the news desk, select a story, and read from a teleprompter. Their composited image complete with supplemental over-the-shoulder graphics is displayed on the other side for friends to enjoy.

Other media elements include a loop of historic home movies and an interactive time clock where visitors can “punch in” for work and learn a bit about Cincinnati workers.

Producer, Creative and Technical Direction, Editing, Authoring, Media and System Design 

Exhibit Development, Design, and Fabrication (Prime): Science Museum of Minnesota

Mural Studio and Cincinnati Counts developed in collaboration with Ideum

Quizinnati Editor: Ned Hurley