You and the Universe

Immersive Object Theater
The Scientific Center of Kuwait, Salmiya, Kuwait – 2024

You and the Universe is a signature immersive experience within the Kuwait, Earth, Universe gallery at the newly expanded Scientific Center of Kuwait. Visitors enter an object theater space and view this 8:30-minute experience that explores our individual connection to the Universe through the lens of a life journey.

The show is full of symbolism. Circular set pieces and drumbeats represent cycles. Heartbeats and footsteps represent the individual. A traditional Tabul Bahri drum and a sail represent the local culture. A microscope and telescope symbolize scale from the infinitely small to the infinitely large. The central circular transparent projection surface further exemplifies this concept becoming a “lens” to juxtapose imagery with the projection surface behind it. At the show’s climax, a flower rises from the center of the circular platform representing rebirth in the cycles of the Universe.

The show is narrated in Arabic by Kuwaiti celebrity Suad Abdullah and both Arabic captions and English subtitles are displayed. There are four projection surfaces and the center platform contains 44 backlit footsteps as well as the actuator for the flower.

Producer, Creative and Technical Direction, Writing, Editing, Sound Design, Original Music, Lighting, Set Design and Fabrication, Graphic Design, Media and System Design

Media Integration, Installation, Project Management: Science Museum of Minnesota

Exhibit Development and Design (Prime): Exploratorium

Heinzen Media Team:

Content Advising and Voice Direction: Rana Al-Khaled and Yarub Bourhamah
Lighting Design: Richard Rummel
3D & Graphic Design: William Maple
Scenic: Tom Warn
Programming: Jesse Cogswell
Set Fabrication: Industrial Artisans
Graphic Layout: Terry Scheller
Graphic Production: Leach and Pixelwerx