Made in Cincinnati

Object Theater and Exhibit Interactive
Cincinnati Museum Center, Cincinnati – 2022

Made in Cincinnati explores the city’s inventors and laborers, the products they developed, and the markets they transformed.

At the center of the exhibit is the object theater Cincinnati Makes Things Better. This quirky, fast-paced show highlights several of the people and inventions to which the Queen City lays claim. Topics include machine tools, pork processing, Crosley radios and WLW, King Records, Black inventor Granville T. Woods, the Warner Elevator Safety Catch, and the first steam-powered fire engine.

To add to the charm, the show is narrated by a personified flying Lego pig, which is an object from the Cincinnati Museum Center’s collection. Several other objects from the museum’s collection are also featured throughout the show, including a giant cast-fab ladle from a Cincinnati foundry. As the museum’s director put it, the show is a “love letter to Cincinnati.”

Producer, Creative and Technical Direction, Editing, Sound Design, Lighting, Media and System Design 

Exhibit Development, Design, and Fabrication (Prime): Science Museum of Minnesota

Heinzen Media Team:

Editor: Ned Hurley
Lighting Designer and Programmer: Jesse Cogswell

In addition to the object theater, Heinzen Media also animated, edited, and programmed an interactive for the Made in Cincinnati exhibit called Wartime Pivots. Visitors press a large button under a screen to “flip” a Rolodex-like set of cards. The animation stops on a clue and visitors guess which industry matches by pressing the button next to its graphic.