About Jesse Heinzen

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Jesse is a passionate storyteller leading the development, production, and implementation of captivating, powerful, and memorable experiences. He works at the intersection of physical and digital space and has a keen understanding of human-centered design that leads to highly engaging informal learning experiences for audiences of all ages.

At the Minnesota Historical Society, Jesse currently directs the Strategic Communications department, which includes marketing, communications, social media, multimedia, and front-end web development. Jesse provides institutional leadership and expertise on storytelling, experience design, usability, accessibility, content strategy, and cross-channel strategy.

Jesse’s formal education includes a BFA in Film Production from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.

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Storytelling has the power to be transformative. Heinzen Media utilizes a story-first approach to exhibit and multimedia development, using first-person narratives wherever possible. A good story is enduring and will outlast any technology used to deliver it.


Once the story is determined, attention is focused on crafting the experience and media design that will most clearly connect with the audience and maintain a sense of beauty and elegance.


When developing media delivery systems, concentration is placed on robust yet appropriate system design, always balancing function and reliability with cost.